Taser International Taser X1 (Slate Gray)

Taser International

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The new TASER® X1 is the newest TASER® model in a long line of durable, quality, and effective self defense weapons that are solely created to offer non-lethal self defense. The TASER® X1 feels very comfortable in your hand and is very easy to use. The popularity of this new model is soaring through the roof, as it is priced considerably less than the TASER® X2 Defender. When you flip the safety into the armed position, the unit is ready to deliver an incapacitating pulse that is designed to override the sensory and motor functions of a person's nervous system. This effective Neuro Muscular Incapacitation (NMI) innovation works even against the most aggressive attackers, including those under the influence of drugs or alcohol. TASER® devices are the preferred choice of many professionals, yet are available for purchase by regular citizens.

TASER® devices use proprietary technology to temporarily disable dangerous subjects who pose a risk in a way that is generally recognized as a safer alternative to other uses of self defense. TASER® technology saves lives every day. The TASER® X1 utilizes compressed nitrogen to project two small probes 15 feet at a speed of 180 feet per second. These probes are connected to the TASER® device by high-voltage insulated wire. The electrical signal (which is powerful enough to take down even the strongest of assailants) is transmitted throughout the region where the probes make contact with the body or clothing, resulting in an immediate loss of the assailant's neuromuscular control, balance and the ability to perform coordinated actions.

TASER® X1 FOR PROFESSIONALS AND CITIZENS: The TASER® X1 is the new favorite among many professionals because of its effective take-down power, yet it is now available to regular citizens!

Single Shot Device. Does NOT include LED Flashlight. Kit Contains: (1) X1 Device, (1) Battery, (2) Cartridges, & (1) Conductive Practice Target.



  • Discharges 50,000 Volts
  • 7.3 inches long
  • Weights 7.2 oz.
  • Slate Gray Color
  • Single Shot Device
  • Does Not Include LED Flashlight
  • Targeting Laser
  • Safety Switch
  • Power Performance Magazine (PPM)

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